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 One of the big questions people are beginning to ask is should kratom be considered a nootropic. To understand the answer, it helps to take a look at what exactly people mean when talking about nootropics and how red Kratom fits with that description.

kratom has garnered increased attention as more and more people look for plant-based nootropics. Fed by a largely acidic soil filled with rich volcanic minerals and the hot, humid environment of the South Pacific, the leaves of this tree have a unique blend of alkaline chemicals that has made it an important ethnobotanical to the indigenous people of the area for hundreds of years. Considered an important medicinal plant, local populations traditionally use kratom as a traditional solution for pain relief and alertness.

Characterized by veins that change from white to green and finally red as they age, kratom leaves were traditionally chewed raw or dried and ground into a powder that could be used as incense or infused into a tea. This plant came to the attention of the West in the 1800s before natural nootropics were a hot topic and was largely ignored until troops returning from the Vietnam War brought home tales of a local foliage that helped them stand watch through the longest nights, remain alert, and improved their performance under grueling combat conditions. This sparked interest in the potential of kratom as a nootropic

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